Thursday, October 6, 2011

You want Bad Service?

Perhaps I own this perspective simply because the kind of work I do. My perspective on service is basically this-you get what you give. In my opinion, if you treat your cashier, your waitress, waiter, anyone that is there to essential serve you at any given moment in which you arrive, in a respectful sort of way, they will also respect you. We've all been there, had bad service for a variety of reasons. It's quite possible that you were eating out with friends and the waiter was completely wretched and you might have lost your cool only to result in further bad service. My tip to you, keep your cool. Even though they really do suck, ask for their manager or request someone else to wait on you. Be polite, you don't need to be belittle the person. Then prepare to politely and respectfully explain your expectations of what you thought you were going to get when you walked in the doors and hopefully, this new person, will be able to give it to you. If not, don't go there again. Their business will get a reputation of being poor and will go out of business. If they don't, at least they aren't getting your money.
Perhaps you sit down and your waitress looks like someone just ran her dog over which is a total good-mood killer for you and the company you have. REMAIN POSITIVE! I repeat, REMAIN POSITIVE. Be polite, mind your manners, and you just might make whatever her problem is fade away, at least for a little bit. In my opinion, service goes both ways. You go out, someone is there to wait on you, but you are there to assure them they are doing a good job. Some reassurance, some respect, and general politeness goes a long way in the world today. A decent tip also helps-but that's not the point. If you make the person that is there to serve you feel like they are doing a good job and appreciate their efforts, they will at least try to continue to do so and they will be only too HAPPY to go back and get you a salad with no big white chunks of lettuce and get you a new drink because the one that was served first has too much foam on the top. In the end, they will have enjoyed waiting on you and you will have enjoyed yourself as well.
Another thing to keep in mind, a lot of times, the person looking at you with what has been requested by you, really had nothing to do with the preparation of it. They put it on a tray and bring it out to you. Keep that in mind the next time you're out and about. Did your waitress really under-cook your steak? Probably not. Don't take it out on her. Be polite, ask to speak to the cook, or ask her if anything can be done. Place the blame where it belongs. Hold the right person accountable for your dissatisfaction.
Also, if the next time you walk into a restaurant only to hear a bunch of "NOT IT's" coming from somewhere in the back of the place-perhaps it's a hint you should check your attitude. Perhaps you keep getting bad service because YOU have a bad attitude-hold the right person accountable for this poor service you complain about. In my opinion, getting good service starts with you.

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  1. I could not agree with this more. People with bad manners drive me crazy and this situation can be the worst! I was a waitress for a while and it's a very stressful job. I love your advice and wish it was a requirement that everyone read this at least five times in their life. Everyone!