Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox is Innocent

Allow me to preface and perhaps claim a disclaimer. I know very little about legal jargon. I know even less about Italian language and Italy. With that said, in my opinion, Amanda Knox was innocent from the beginning. I find it to be a bit of an outrage that this case has gone on for four years when it simply didn't need to. If you click on the link I provided under current thought provoking event, the father says it plainly. It was impossible for there not to be any evidence of Amanda and her boyfriend in that little room, and it simply shows a lack of common sense.
I could be super negative and propose the thought that perhaps Italy was selfish and enjoyed all the press this case provided to their country. I would like to think a government would not be as selfish as that. They would account for the fact that it's a human being and their life they would be exploiting and ruining. Do they deserve 3 cheers for doing that? I believe not. Remember, this is just a supposition as to why they would detain her for so long. I'm sure there is plenty of evidence I'm not aware of and have not taken into account but none-the-less.
I find it curious what it would be like to be in a foreign prison for so long and then just be set free and go back to where you're from. I wonder what she thinks of our Nation now. A lot has happened. I'm sure, to a certain extent she has been informed of news from the United States through family or whatever news sources she had access to, but the experience of the United States must be quite different from four years ago.
I also find it upsetting and inspiring the amount of debt her family has incurred from doing everything they can to bring her back home and prove her innocence. Over a million dollars! and reportedly from a CBS report even her grandma took out a $250,000 loan to also pay for expenses. This family does not seem to me to be the kind that has money flowing from their ears or secret money trees in their back-yard. I don't believe this kind of money is pocket change for them. I don't think even the fines that athletes incur for doing stupid stuff, I don't know if they would consider that amount of debt to not be a burden. It's is an astronomical debt that will not likely be paid off in their life-time unless a serious amount of fame comes of her story. I'm not so sure Amanda seems the type that would feed off the attention and would want to bring even more attention to her situation. In my opinion, I'm sure she'll make a few statements and perhaps publish a book to soothe the talkers and answer the questions and then she will continue on with her life-out of the spot-light.
I'm torn in my opinion about paying back this debt. On one hand, I would be so livid that I've drained my retirement funds and am in debt up to my ears over a case that is absurd, a farce some might say. On the other hand, I might not care at all. I might just say, "It's only money and my daughter is worth that and ten times more." We can only hope for the best for this family.

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  1. this one just made me tear up. I'm also being super hormonal. ( : I agree with you. this is a total tragedy but thankfully something right has finally been done.