Monday, October 31, 2011

Charmed Thirds review

I've read the third book in the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. I will tell you it was a mix of emotions.
It was a different sort of read. In one book, we read about 4 years of Jessica's life. All her college years. I suppose if one reflects on the past four years of their own life, there would be a mix of emotions as well.
There is relationship turmoil and suspense. I was so completely disappointed in my dear Jessica a few times during the read. I kept wondering, "Who is this girl" "I thought I knew her better than that!"
Clearly, after three good books, actually after two, with McCaffferty's witty writing, you feel like you know the girl. Also, McCafferty does a nice job with making the college years true to real life. Nothing too outrageous that could never happen to anyone but exciting enough to keep you reading and turning the pages. And, my particular favorite, is the all too common end to many college students, "So, i have this degree that I thought I wanted/My parents wanted me to get-but that's not what I want. what do I do? Did I mention the debt?" "It sounded like a good idea 4 years ago-but not so much now." "I guess I picked a major that interested me, but not one that would prepare me for a career I was interested in actually having." This to me is, is true to life.
In the end, Jessica grows up into a young adult and is exactly where many girls are here age at the end. I like to call it, in limbo-with direction.
In my opinion, it's a good read. I do find myself kind of cheating from time to time because I really just want to know what happens to her and Marcus and so I flip through a bunch of pages and read the dirt on that situation, and then I go back to reading everything else. I end up reading the her and Marcus drama twice! Which, I'm not sure is enough. I guess you could say it reads a little bit like a tabloid...You go to what you want first but because you spend the money on it, you go back and read everything else, just in case you missed a piece of good, juicy, information or gossip. Exciting!

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