Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Economic times-a personal note

In my opinion, economic times suck. I remember, I think, perhaps I just assumed, that once a person had a full-time job. They were able to make ends meet, for the most part. Perhaps not live extravagantly, but could make it and not eat ramen every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Well, I have that full-time job as well as many of American's and I need another job-just to get by. Seriously, I don't have any ramen, but if I did, I think I would be rationing it.
The anxieties that go along with pennies not stretching as far as they need to, are exhausting. I see this as a cycle. Said person needs another job, said person (S.P.)is stressing about finding another job that will work with the full-time job and the hours they must keep at the FT position. S.P. has to fill out applications that are a bit degrading b/c S.P. is no longer in high school and is capable of having a job requiring higher level thinking but is now at the same level as a 16 year old-financially ($0.00 in their pocket). S.P. feels bad about their new low-financial status. S.P. has anxiety about where to apply? who will call first? should I just donate my plasma? how about a kidney? Will mine even be wanted? When are my bills due? How much money can I spend per day and stay out of the hole? S.P. can not sleep at night b/c their mind reals with all this and many other things. S.P.'s work performance at FT job begins to decline. S.P. is informed from friends that they should go to counseling or a doctor for sleeping pills/depression pills/anxiety pills/ or tranquilizers. These sound like very good ideas. S.P. would love to do those things, BUT S.P. has no money. S.P. can not go to a doctor of any kind. This suggestion actually makes S.P. panic because what if S.P. really does get sick and HAS to go to the Doctor, or the car breaks down, or needs an oil change or...on and on...Finally, even though S.P. feels bad and worse about them-self for not being able to make ends meet for them-self with their FT job, S.P. applies for State Aid. People complain about State Aid and S.P. isn't exactly on board with everything that State Aid supports. S.P. isn't quite humbled from said experience, S.P. is privately humiliated and embarrassed.
This is a problem. When will it all change? What made it happen? Not only is there a problem with Job-getting, but also the stress it puts on people, leads to a strain on the health system, and hot debates between tax-payers. What is a person supposed to do? One that is in a position like S.P.? what is the solution? Whatever it is, something better happen soon because, in my opinion, this sucks for all S.P.'s. Government and all people who have a voice that can actually make something change and perhaps make life a little bit easier for all People-wake-up and smell the coffee. Put away your petty differences, your superficial, "I'm better than you's," your materialistic claims, put all that BS away and come together and make a decision that will actually better the nation as a whole. Instead of dragging your feet and counting your coins every night, think of a way to make this nation something other than an economic shit hole. Thanks!

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