Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Second review: Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty

I found these books in the local library. I love them. It's a series. The main character is Jessica Darling. The first one I read, I thought it was placed in the wrong section. I felt it was a young for me. The girl is in high school and dealing with her high school anxieties. At any rate...
The books read like a diary. I feel that any time a book is written in that manner, it's just an easy read and I always seem to enjoy them, page turners, you might call them.
The second one is about her Senior year of high school in a little po-dunk town in New Jersey with parents she can not stand. She feels like an outsider in her own home. She doesn't really feel like she belongs in school. I think you call this a "loner." Of course, because it's a high school setting, it deal with crushes and boys of interest and the question of what college should she go to.
It's an easy read. Again, a little immature for me to really identify with at this point in my life. But at the same time, dealing with boys you like and boyfriends, and making tough choices, and amazing family idiosyncrasies, they are kind of universal themes. Even if you're older, you can at least time travel back to what it was like to be that young and have your college or non-college choice be the biggest of your concerns.
Jessica Darling has some wicked, sarcastic humor, which I totally get into. I laugh out loud when I read these books. A nice simple read, but sucks you in like reality TV. You think you're really too old for this kind of drama, but you just can't pull yourself away from it.
In my opinion, if you need a book to read to reminisce of days gone by, or know a female teen that's into reading, this is a good choice. Not too heavy but not too superficial. As the series continues, Jessica Darling grows up and learns valuable lessons of love, life, and friendship. Lessons of which we can all be reminded of.

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