Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jane Eyre-the movie

So, I might be a little biased on the whole movie. Jane Eyre happens to be my all time most favorite book-ever. It's kind of insulting to even call it just a book. It's a novel, a great work, a classic. To me, it's like the end-all be-all for the hopeless romantic. For real. AND moreover the main character isn't some prissy little girl twit who doesn't know what to do with her in-love self. She has principles, she stands by them, and doesn't sell herself short when she has to choose between having the love of the man she loves be unconventional or give it all up because she wants it to be well...conventional.
The movie portrays the book I read quite well. Some of the scenes depicted were exactly as I had imagined them-which rarely ever happens in book to movie productions. The movie depicted the events properly and got the gist of the story across well enough. However, it moves at about the same rate it took me to read the book-approximately 5 years. Once I got into the book, I loved it, that's probably why I didn't fall asleep watching the movie or just start doing something else. If you intend on watching the movie with a guy who isn't a fan of Jane, he will fall sleep for sure.
More to the point, if you haven't read the book, I'm afraid you'll miss the point of Jane Eyre all together. Because I have, I understand the pride and reasoning of the choices she makes. The movie does not provide inner dialogue, so in my opinion, to anyone who hasn't read the classic novel, they will be confused by what this plain Jane does and represents.

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