Monday, October 3, 2011

Lawn Decorations

I live in a relatively middle of the road type neighborhood. It's not rural by any means and it's not exactly suburbia. I wouldn't really call it a city-like L.A. or Chicago or Vegas or Phoenix. So, it's just somewhat normal and progressing toward the "old-but very well maintained" section of the community. Lovely homes, nicely landscaped, lawns beautifully mowed, some by professional lawn mowers, pools, and fences. Even a new-age-y house where they have a garden-lawn, it's all veggies. They put out a sign-"Free" by s mound of their freshly grown vegetables. So, it's keeping up with the times, sort of.
Across the street is a new subdivision that is GORGEOUS! THere are ponds and swans and ducks and geese and a wheel thing that water falls down. I mean, it's just like finding buried treasure when you're on a canoe with a hole in it. The good news, this treasure is not buried. I pass this local treasure every day, twice a day. Disturbingly, today, I also passed a seasonal lawn decoration as well.
Halloween is appraoching and tis the season for scariness and the giant blow-up lawn things. You know what I mean, like a giant blown-up santa or teddy bear with a present, or waving snowman, or whatever...I look across and there is this black thing. I sort of am thinking it's garbage bags or something.Hello? In this community? Garbage bags! Probably not! It was a blow up spider-deflated. And in my opinion, the deflated form is scarier than the inflated form. The inflated form is probably just a weird looking spider that looks nothing like a real spider. In fact, I'm not sure if it would make people smile and get excited about the the upcoming holiday.

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