Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Review: Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

OK! Yes! I know! This is a bit late in coming. I've actually read that whole book and another one...Whoopsies. Actually, the book review part of this blogging experience was truly what I was most excited about. And I've not done it yet!
SO-the book-Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. I really enjoyed it. Perhaps not as much as the first two books of hers that I've read. In her Shoes and Good in Bed. The first two, I think, are geared toward the mid-age audience-you know me-20 something...Not a teenager anymore but not dealing with marriage and divource and kids and all that. So, the first two, might be a little superficial for some, but again, it depends I think on who you are.
Little Earthquakes, is about four young mothers. Each one having their first child. While I have not had a child, i think Jennifer Weiner does an accurate job of portraying pregnancy and motherhood and some situations that DO occur between husband and wife during this time. She kind of hits all the big points and problems. In general, the situations of the four women are as follows: (I don't want to give away too much in case you decide to actually read it, so I'll to be vague in who is who) Lady 1: Basically ran away from her past, had a baby, and is mourning the loss as well as coping with her "new" day to day life. Re-figuring out who she is and being honest about it with her husband as well as figuring out her past.
Lady 2: A young, beautiful, successful, in the spot-light kind of lady. She thrived off her own success but has trouble finding work now that she's pregnant and married to her even-more-in-the-spot-light-husband. LOVES her baby and wants to be the "Perfect" Mom, doing things by the book-literally. Has to deal with her husband's mistake and has to decide if she can forgive him.
Lady 3: Used to being in control of everything. Doesn't want to ask for help for anything. Even when she obviously needs help. Has to deal with her husbands lack of motivation and her ghosts of childhood past-which she has never informed her husband of. Also has to cope with the fact that she actually likes to work and not being with her baby all day. A feeling she doesn't think she's supposed to have.
Lady 4: Has the perfect life. The successful business, mentally stable, the perfect husband. The worst Mother-in-Law.
In the end, all ends a little too happily ever after, but that's okay, since it is a fictional book and not real life. To a certain extent, I think everyone who does read this book can relate to each character in some way and walk away with a lesson or two on forgiveness, openness, and how to deal with a variety of real-world relationship issues.
In my opinion, it's a real read. It's real life depicted as well as real life can be only fictionalized. And, it ends happy, so why not read it?

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